We are CHRYSO®

Founded in 1942, CHRYSO is the technology leader in admixtures for construction materials.

We provide our customers – cement manufacturers, ready-mix concrete, precast manufacturers, Applicators and Distributors and construction companies – with our expertise in chemistry, formulation and knowledge of construction materials.

Acquired by Saint-Gobain in 2021, CHRYSO has accelerated its development to provide the construction industry with high-performing and disruptive solutions to tackle the industries future challenges.

The merger between CHRYSO and GCP Applied Technologies within the Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals Division has significantly expanded the business capabilities to innovate, become more sustainable and efficiently serve customers across the Nordic Countries.


Chryso Nordic is based in Stenkullen, just outside Gothenburg, where we have a warehouse, laboratory and office.

The company was founded in 2008 and has been part of the Chryso group since 2015.

We combine the local expertise with the technological innovations and the international network to give our partners support beyond the ordinary.


Founded in 2008 as Betongkemi Nordic AB and became part of Chryso-group and became Chryso Nordic in 2015.

Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Iceland

We work in all the Nordic countires.

Local concrete labb

In our concrete labb we can help with recipe optimization, compressive strenght, air content test among other things.

Technical team

We have a local technical team with great competence and experience of our market.

Innovation is in the group’s DNA, and we are at the forefront of meeting tomorrow’s challenges. We design our molecules ourselves and 20% of the group’s employees work with R&D.

This allows us to develop tailor-made solutions for specific projects or markets.

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We work closely with our customers both with individually adapted technical solutions and with support that is individually adapted. We want to build partnerships and long-term relationships and have a holistic view when we find solutions and plans for you and your concrete.

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We have extensive experience in Scandinavia and know what challenges we have in the Nordic region. We have a broad practical knowledge of concrete as a material and our products. This means that we know in the best way how to get a functioning production from ear to loaf.

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In our global group there are several technical centers and we have a large international network where we share knowledge, expertise and experience. We have gathered the knowledge from our experience and our networks to competently help, assist and guide our partners.

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