Our local expertise

In addition to a number of skilled technical salespeople who possess experience and knowledge, it is Fredrik Larsson who is our main local expert in the area of ​​concrete.

Fredrik Larsson is Technical Manager at Chryso Nordic and started his concrete course at a local concreteplant straight after school. He has since developed his skills and for the last seven years he worked as a concrete technician at a concrete manufacturer. In February 2022, he took the step over to the chemistry side and Chryso Nordic.

Fredrik’s broad competence and expertise, which not only includes our own products, but also the materials included in the concrete, the execution and the regulations regarding concrete as a material, gives us and our partners a sharp sounding board.

Three men standing looking at table with plans. Picture taken from above.

Our local lab

Three miles east of Gothenburg, in Stenkullen, we are located with our headquarters, warehouse and local concrete lab. Here we can make smaller samples and tests for our customers, for example: test compressive strength, sieve materials, pre-samples of concrete recipes, material development and check product quality.

We work closely with our colleagues in Europe for tests that we cannot provide in Sweden.

Compressive strenght test with prism.

Expertise in our group

In our global group there are several technical centers and we have a large international network where we share knowledge, expertise and experience.

Through our sister companies around the world, we have access to all types of tests in concrete labs

Technical Support- testing flow in concrete.

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