CHRYSO®Premia 100, 200, 300- series

CHRYSO®Premia 100, 200 and 300 series offer high early strength and allow concrete producers to significantly optimize their productivity and to guarantee high performance when casting in cold weather, reducing the use of vibrations and hot water.

The molecules in the CHRYSO®Premia series allow extreme levels of water reduction, while maintaining workability for 30 to 45 minutes depending on the product.
These properties, especially adapted to the manufacturing constraints of the precast industry, enable a concrete with very high short-term strength and self-compacting concrete.

CHRYSO®Premia superplasticizers have been developed to perform perfectly under real conditions of use.
This assortment makes it easy to change the concrete’s flowability and regularity in production, both in natural and crushed aggregate. This explains why the series is well suited to the production of self-compacting concrete.

High short-term strength

Maintained workability

30-45 minutes

Energy savings

Special adapted for SCC


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