CHRYSO®Dem Ekla 20

Delayed mould release agent
Vegetal emulsion

CHRYSO®Dem DEV Ekla 20 is a delayed mould-release agent ready-to-use, formulated as an emulsion from vegetable-based components. CHRYSO®Dem DEV Ekla 20 is risk-free both for the user and the environment.

CHRYSO®Dem DEV Ekla 20 is particularly recommended for use on concrete which require perfect surface aspect finishing CHRYSO®Dem DEV Ekla 20 can be used for non heat-cured concrete or up to 50°C curing temperature.

Application domain

  • Precast
  • Timber formworks
  • Metallic formworks
  • Plastic formworks
  • Steam-cured or non steam-cured concrete

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