CHRYSO®Screedfinish EBA 50

Evaporation Reducing Agent

CHRYSO®ScreedFinish EBA 50 is a water based evaporation barrier agent, ready to use & specifically designed to enhance CHRYSO® Cemfloor & Mobicem screeds curing process. Because it forms a protective film on the screed surface, CHRYSO®ScreedFinish EBA 50 slows down drastically the screed desiccation. It allows for screed hydration enhancement, reduces the risk for plastic shrinkage induced cracking or surface delamination and dusting. After setting, the screed surface abrasion resistance is also improved.

CHRYSO®ScreedFinish EBA 50 includes a temporary white tracer which allows to identify easily the surface treated. The white color fades once the product is dry. By nature, CHRYSO®ScreedFinish EBA 50 doesn’t require any removal (sanding or grinding) if the adhesion tests exhibit satisfactory results (see flooring solution manufacturer’s recommendations). Due to its water-based technology, CHRYSO®ScreedFinish EBA 50 is user and environment friendly.

Application domain

  • Cemfloor or Mobicem screeds

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