The powder additive is the main component of our CemFloor concept and CHRYSO®ADCEM are specific technologies that effectively control and reduce drying cracking and shrinkage of Portland cement-based screeds. The CHRYSO®ADCEM technology enables high bending tensile strength.

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CemFloor is part of the floor system and is a suitable substrate for all indoor floor systems and is applied on top of the concrete slab.

CemFloor is a pumpable and self-leveling screed that is reliable and stable. CemFloor can be produced either in a factory or mobile concrete plant and is based on local materials. The recipe is developed by our experts to suit the local material.

Advantages concrete-factory

As we work with local materials and produce each recipe uniquely, the environmental impact is reduced to avoid transporting more material than necessary.

It is quick and easy to mix and the mixer is easy to clean.

CHRYSO®CemFloor can be transported in ordinary concrete transport.

Utläggning avjämningsmassa

Advantages jobsite

CHRYSO®CemFloor works with all heated floors and has good thermal conductivity.

It is easy to pump and has a long workability and during placing it is self-levelling.

It is possible to cast up to 150 m² without joints with a low risk of edge lifting and cracks.

Utläggning av avjämningsmassa med pump

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CHRYSO®CemFloor- Three advantages



  • Pumpable & self-leveling
  • Easy to produce and deliver
  • Easy to work with and has a long workability
  • Easy to clean equipment
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  • High flexibility and robustness
  • Low shrinkage
  • Low risk of edge lifting
  • Good thermal conductivity
Hybridbild. Fabiksbetonganläggning och mobilanläggning


  • Local materials
  • Formulation development
  • Technical support from start to finish
  • Cost effective

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