Innovative chemistry for sustainable construction

CHRYSO designs, produces, markets and delivers chemical solutions that help creating sustainable building materials.

A Strategy based on two pillars: Services & Innovation



CHRYSO provides unique customer support from tailor-made mix-design to specific logistics solutions.

We are developing digital services for the construction industry that calls for continuous agility to improve overall performance of materials and to answer the specificities of each construction project.




We partner with our customers to address building material challenges to enhance sustainability, performance and productivity.  

CHRYSO’s strong R&D capabilities allow us to accelerate product development with 35% of our turnover generated from products under 5 years old.
Our recently launched technologies are disrupting the market. 

We innovate through 5 international R&D centres and 26 local laboratories, always being close to our markets and customer needs.


Responsible Group

Safety is a core value of our Group culture.

Sustainable development is fully integrated into our management and industrial processes.

Green conception of our solutions participates to more responsible construction modes.

At CHRYSO, we’re relentlessly working to make things better.

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